Around 20 years ago, the Queen of Hearts started using a drug to affect the way the majority population sees the world. The drug is both airborne and highly affective, leaving only a few immune enough to function properly. These people are viewed as insane by the actually insane population and are locked away by the Queen’s coalition, nicknamed the White Rabbit. The immune are placed in horrible asylums where they are experimented on to attempt to make them more affected by the drug and therefore more under the Queen’s control. However, around 15 years ago an asylum inmate escaped,“Hatter”, and started a rebellion where he started pulling the immune people through portals to rescue them from the impending wrath of the Queen. Since then the rebellion has managed to retake a good portion of the Kingdom of Wonderland back from the Queen’s grasp and have been fighting to retake the kingdom in the name of the lost King, who was one of the first to be found immune and went missing just before the mass production of the drug itself.

14 years ago the rebellion’s capitol, aptly named The Crater, was founded by the Hatter himself. It has never been found by the Queen; much to her frustration.

Now there is a new aspect in the war for sanity; a quirky adventuring party with unknown aims, mismatched personalities, and unknown goals who are mostly immune to the drug… Most of the time. This is their adventure.

Welcome to Wonderland…


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